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Family Mediation Altrincham

We help families in conflict, specifically those separating or divorcing in Altrincham. Our family mediation service Altrincham is quicker and more economical than heading to court. It minimizes dispute, and your family stays in control of plans over children, residential or commercial property and finance. We work Altrincham and our family mediation service has more than thirty years’ experience supplying expert, professional family mediation services.

Criminal Appeals

A lawyer at our firm can help you on appeal, in a habeas petition, or at sentencing.

At sentencing, the Court should consider more than the Government’s version of what happened. There often are extenuating or mitigating circumstances that – if the judge knows about them – could result in a reduced sentence.

Even when there are “mandatory minimum” sentences, there are ways to avoid to the “mandatory” sentence and receive a sentence less than the “minimum.”  Our team of defense attorneys is led by a former federal prosecutor who is experienced in the ways to avoid harsh penalties and what circumstances can persuade a judge to give a more lenient sentence.

Also, it is very rare for a case to be tried without errors occurring, and you need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to scrutinize every detail of the case to find them.  This is very often a neglected part of the appeal process.  An attorney at our firm can identify those mistakes and take the necessary actions to obtain relief on direct appeal or in a habeas petition.

No person should ever feel that their attorney stopped fighting for their freedom. Even if another lawyer represented you at trial or during your guilty plea, an attorney at our office can help you on appeal, in a habeas petition, or at sentencing.

For a free consultation with an Atlanta criminal attorney regarding your federal or State of Georgia criminal appeal, contact us today.