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Mediation Chichester

if the other moms and dad desires you to go to mediation You may have been called by a conciliator or the other parent may have asked you to attempt mediation. It’s important to comprehend what mediation is and how it might assist your situation. Because they desire aid to reach a choice about arrangements for your children, the other parent may have approached a professional conciliator. Or you may have been welcomed to a ‘Mediation Info and Assessment Meeting’ or ‘MIAM’, which is a legal requirement before the other parent can apply to court.https://countrywidemediation.co.uk/mediation-chichester/

Computer and internet crimes

The defense attorneys at our law firm have the technical knowledge required to assist protect the freedom of clients who have been charged with computer crimes. The laws and regulations created to govern the internet against cyber-crimes have become more complex at a rapid pace, making it harder to keep up with the law and you more vulnerable to inadvertently committing a crime. It also makes it more likely that someone else using your computer could do something that results in you being falsely charged by the government's lawyers.   

How is a "Computer Crime" classified?

Computer crimes include crimes where a computer is the source, tool, target, or place of a crime. These among other areas include:

  • identity theft
  • e-mail scams phishing
  • hacking
  • malware
  • cyber stalking                                                
  • Credit Fraud
  • Email interception 
  • Illegal Pornography

What Devices is Capable of Computer or Internet Related Crimes?

There are numerous devices capable of committing cyber-crimes. Any Device that can hold, transmit, receive, or manipulate information in any way whether purposefully or by mistake can fall under this category.

Who has been monitoring me?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (“F.B.I.”) has an entire department dedicated to the process of tracking and prosecuting those they deem to have committed a cyber-crime.  Using nearly unlimited amounts of resources, the FBI can spend long periods of time investigating and gathering evidence for a case against you, making it more important to immediately contact an Atlanta criminal attorney to protect your liberty and rights.

Can these charges be serious?

Depending on the crime committed, you could face misdemeanor or felony charges, resulting in serious consequences. The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office will show no sympathy and will attempt to convict you with the maximum charges possible.

Our criminal defense lawyers are led by a former federal prosecutor who is experienced, dedicated, and knows how the prosecution works, providing clients with a strong, knowledgeable, and dedicated defense. If you have been charged with a computer crime, waiting is not an option. Contact an us today for a free consultation.