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What is couples mediation?

When strong emotions and distinctions in beliefs can result in a short-term breakdown in interaction, all relationships go through durations of obstacle. When arguments and strong arguments persist over a long period of time, trust is lost and separation, both physical and psychological, can result. Couples mediation is a process which assists in clear interaction and so breaks the ice for making reasoned and reasonable negotiations and checking out outcomes to which both celebrations can offer their obligation. This procedure parties both allows to express their strongly held views in a personal, safe and skilfully managed environment. learn more

Environmental criminal and regulatory enforcement actions

If you or your company have received a subject letter or target letter naming you as a subject or target of an alleged environmental criminal investigation, have been served with a search warrant or grand jury subpoena, or have been charged in a criminal complaint or an indictment with an environmental crime, then you need an Atlanta criminal attorney that knows how to handle complex cases dealing with multiple agencies, such as:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Department of Justice
  • The U.S. Corps of Engineers
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department

In addition, federal, state and local agencies often coordinate their enforcement actions by creating a task force. Environmental prosecutions can involve companies, their officers and employees.  In some cases, government lawyers may seek to hold corporate officers criminally liable even though they did not personally participate in an unlawful activity. 

Led by a former United States Assistant Attorney who has experience dealing with the different agencies, our criminal defense lawyers are able to provide a strong and vigorous defense. We understand the responsibility of being entrusted with your case and assure complete dedication.

Contact us today to put a former federal prosecutor on your side. Protect your rights.  Protect your freedom.