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If you are facing an investigation or charges of espionage, you need an lawyer who has the knowledge the protect you. Espionage is a very serious crime with severe penalties for individuals who are convicted. The crime of espionage involves conveying secret information to foreign governments or groups that could pose a danger to the safety and lives of our citizens or threaten trade secrets that are owned by businesses and corporations.

Due to greater technology and how information is now transmitted, cases that involve espionage tend to be very complicated and technical. The ease of transferring data and information has also caused cases of people having inaccurate proof presented against them.

Espionage is a charge that the government's lawyers prosecute more aggressively than most other crimes. The charges you face if convicted could be extreme, not only in prison time, but with huge fines and the inability to repair your personal reputation.

If you are facing charges or are currently being investigated for espionage, you need the services of an experienced Atlanta criminal attorney. At our firm, you will have a former federal prosecutor and Assistant U.S. attorney with the in-depth and technical knowledge required for these cases.

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