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Why use couples mediation?

This technique is a caring and sensitive way of handling relationship challenges. It aims to produce recovery and considerate interaction whether or not couples continue to cohabit. It is likewise more private and much less expensive than utilizing solicitors. The legal method can be extremely costly in both emotional and material ways and often events lack the control of the couple worried. This will not take place in mediation. The legal approach is to deconstruct the relationship with attorneys on either side embracing an adversarial view of the scenario which tends to increase tension and deepen negative sensations. This can result in tense conversations around access to children, vacating the household home and department of material belongings.


Attorneys at our law firm have experience helping clients with both federal and state forfeiture proceedings. The government has the right to seize any assets or personal property if it can demonstrate that the property was used to commit a crime or if property was purchased with the proceeds of illegal activity.

In the state of Georgia not only does local enforcement have the right to seize your property, but they are also allowed to legally sell or keep 100% of claimed profits that result from all assets for themselves.  Georgia has fallen under scrutiny and lawsuits for a forfeiture system that creates incentives for law enforcement to conduct questionable seizures. Many people can face forfeiture even when it is unwarranted.

If your assets have been seized in conjunction with a criminal charge, you could be facing an issue that is time sensitive. If this is the case, you will only have a small window of time to contest the forfeiture before you lose the right to a claim.

It is imperative that you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will fight both to prevent conviction on the charges and to obtain the return of your property. 

Do not allow the government to take property that is rightfully yours. For a free consultation with an Atlanta criminal attorney who will fight to recover your seized assets, contact us today.