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Our attorneys have a strong record of defending clients against charges that involve fraud. The term "Fraud" includes crimes of deception and misrepresentation, used for improper personal gain. The government's lawyers may pursue charges against misrepresentations committed by falsehoods, misleading allegations, or through conduct. Regardless of your intention, it may be alleged against representation made:

  • Verbally
  • Through the U.S. Mail
  • By Telephone
  • By Internet

You could face charges of fraud if you have committed a crime such as:

If convicted, it could result in felony charges that carry heavy fines, prison time and permanent status of “convicted felon.” You need to contact an experienced Atlanta defense lawyer as quickly as possible.  

You should never underestimate how complex cases of fraud can become. You deserve knowledge, experience and proven success on your defense team. Led by a former Assistant United States Attorney, we offer these strengths and will vigorously fight to protect your freedom.

For a free consultation with an Atlanta, Georgia criminal defense attorney, contact us today.