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Government contract investigations

Our defense attorneys are experienced protecting clients against contract violation claims made by the government. Due to the extreme focus of the media on wasteful government spending and the large amounts of corruption related cases, the federal government is facing greater amounts of pressure to crack down and punish those found to be in violation of contractual agreements, regardless of intent.

If you are facing an investigation or charges of a government contract violation, you need the experience of an Atlanta defense attorney who understands the technical process involved. The government's lawyers will aggressively prosecute any act of fraud it feels was created against the federal government, and convictions are can result in:

  • Long Prison Sentences
  • Severe Fines
  • Non-Repairable Damage of Personal Reputation

A successful defense against the federal government requires implementing a strategy that counters and overcomes that of the prosecution. Led by a former federal prosecutor, our lawyers are completely dedicated to creating and carrying out an aggressive defense required that will accomplish this principle. We know this is not only your future at stake, but your family’s future as well. Let us make our strengths your strength.

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