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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations

Our lawyers provide can provide a strong defense for cases that involve a violation of the FCPA with the experience of a former United States Assistant Attorney.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) makes it a crime for certain individuals and organizations to make payments to foreign government officials to obtain or retain business, and the government's lawyers will vigorously pursue these cases.

This type of financial transaction is often a standard way of doing business in other countries. However, Americans are not allowed to engage in such practices, even when it complies with the local way of doing business.  This can cause enormous problems for Americans conducting business abroad in some areas.  It can also lead to questions regarding whether the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was violated in certain cases.

As government demands increase for greater transparency from the business sector, it can increase the danger to both large and small companies of facing questionable investigations. The penalties imposed for FCPA violations may include severe fines and may also result in the destruction of the reputation a company has worked to build.

If you are being investigated for a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices act, you need to speak with an experienced Atlanta criminal attorney immediately. With a former federal prosecutor, we will provide experienced guidance to your company.

If you are facing charges under the the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, contact an attorney at our law firm for a free consultation.