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Mediation is now the primary choice for many individuals when repairing their differences and disagreement concerns. The main benefits of mediation is that its confidential, conciliators are impartial, you control the decision making and its voluntary. It seems that legal conflicts are never far from the news. Whether it is a star couple that is divorcing, a worker who is taking legal action against their employer, or more neighbours in a fight over the ownership of a piece of land, our papers are filled with the latest details of court cases. In most cases, people will turn to a solicitor to solve their issues when all else has actually failed.Visit Website

Criminal and Civil RICO

Our Atlanta, Georgia attorneys have experience dealing with RICO related charges. RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) is a charge that attempts to tie the alleged criminal actions of a number of people together and then charge them all, in order to increase the penalties for a crime. RICO was originally established to assist the government's lawyers pursue organized crime in 1970. This gave the government a large amount of power to file charges that can dramatically increase the punishment that an individual receives.  

What are the potential consequences of RICO?

The consequences of being charged with RICO crime are severe. You could face up to 20 years in prison and a number of heavy fines depending on the individual charge. On top you must return any received gains and any person or persons deemed harmed are permitted to file a civil suit against you.

Rico cases are very complex and the government will use unlimited resources to convict anyone that they feel is guilty. Knowledge and experience are vital if you are facing any racketeering charge. With our law firm, you have the advantage of an Atlanta criminal attorney who was once a federal prosecutor and now is committed to defending your freedom.

If you or a member of your family faces RICO charges, delaying your defense can make your case weaker. Allow our lawyers to begin protecting you immediately-- contact us for a free consultation.